Memories of Princesses and Warriors


5.00 km
200 m
3 h

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From Siurana to the Trona, down to the river and back via the old pack-horse trail of Cornudella 

Suggestions: This is a medium-length route, apt for all walkers and is especially known for its spectacular views, high cliffs and medieval paths. The Camí de la Trona, however is highly elevated and is not suited for people who are afraid of heights. Children must be carefully watched on this route. Siurana, is without a doubt, one of the most breath-taking places in Catalonia. 

Siurana was the last Moorish stronghold in what is now known as Catalonia. It held out a little longer than Tortosa and Miravet, which had fallen into Christian hands a few years or months before. The Gritella mountain cliffs, with its powerful castle, obstructed the invader's path and made this area virtually impregnable. Despite this, Siurana's fate had already been concluded. Legend tells us how, moments before defeat, the daughter of Siurana's last wali (Moorish governor), the beautiful Abdelazia, appeared before everyone on her superb white stallion and galloped towards the edge of the cliff which dropped down below the castle wall. At the cliff's edge, the animal took a great leap and both horse and mistress fell into the abyss to their deaths. Some believe this is more than just legend as you can still see the beast's hoof mark carved in the limestone as a lasting reminder of the animal's vain efforts and the immortalisation of Abdelazia.  

This recommended trail invites visitors to dream of Moorish princesses and Siurana's last few glory days. It also allows visitors to enjoy and re-live two of its most representative historic gateways, most probably the most evocative of this captivating and unique location. The route starts at the Camí de la Trona path which leaves the village by the side of the ruined castle at one end of the open space which is now used as a car park (1). The initial stages of this walk are impressive. We will be walking along a narrow ledge which cuts along the vertical cliffs that drop down to the valley of Siurana river. This route was once regularly used by the villagers of Siurana who would take it daily to reach their vegetable gardens which were once found spread out along both banks of the Siurana river. 

The path widens later on into a farm track (2). Keeping to the right, head towards the reservoir until you more or less reach the end of the escarpment of the village of Siurana. Then, on your right, just above a little raised bank, we come to the path (3) which connects with the ancient way from Cornudella to Siurana via the Estopinyà dry river bed (4). This ancient path still conserves some of its old cobblestones which are centuries old and are a good way of understanding how unique Siurana once was.