Olive trees on the Rocks


3.00 km
100 m
45 min

This route is sponsored by the olive mill Cooperativa del Camp in la Bisbal de Falset
(You can book your visit in advance at: http://www.montsacer.com)

A walk along the Cingle Gran of La Bisbal de Falset

Suggetions: This is a charming shorter route, apt for all walkers and great for children. People say that the olive oil of this corner of the Montsant mountain range, that of La Bisbal, Margalef and Cabacés is of extraordinary quality and finesse.

It is true that no village actually falls within the boundaries of the Montsant Nature Park, but La Bisbal de Falset really does seem to be an exception. Its houses have been built clinging to the oligoscenic Montsant rock formations, on rocks which are fat-bellied and rounded. La Bisbal seems as if it has been placed on a roof-terrace for people to enjoy views over to the mountain and Montsant river valley. This charming trail takes us up and over the Grau del Cingle Gran (Great Cliff Pass) and lets us stroll between well kept olive groves and dry stone walls built by the hard-working Bisbal villagers. 

We leave the village by Carrer de la Costa (Costa Street)(1). At the top of the street, we turn left and a few metres later, to our left again (2). Here we find a wide track which heads for the foot of the cliff (Cingle del Grau) and through our first almond groves. When the hill starts to climb steeply, the path changes to a former pack-horse trail and we come to the first cobbled areas of the track. The path spirals upwards, elegantly clinging to the rock as it overcomes the escarpment and makes a pronounced turn to the right in an easterly direction (3). It continues upwards towards the top of the cliff. From the look-out point of the Grau, the views over the village rooftops and the Montsant river valley below are magnificent (4). 

We follow the backbone of the ridge and we soon come to our first olive groves. We leave these fields and continue along a farm track along the ridge until we reach a wide hollow (5) and the road to Bellaguarda leading up from the village. We turn right and descend following a tractor track which drops down to the olive terraces. 

At the last stop, we come to a small pack-horse trail (6) which enables us to descend from the cliff and find the path which enters Les Oliveres del Raconet olive groves. We come out onto the farm track again (7) and we wind down until we reach a well marked crossroads (8). We turn right on the level between dry stone walls and olive trees. We reach another crossroads and we keep straight on along the foot of the mountain to return to the village of La Bisbal. We enter the village via Carrer Metge Curcó (Metge Curcó Street) (9), which is one of the most spectacular and surprising streets in La Bisbal, where rock and houses combine to create a unique atmosphere.


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