Flora itinerary: Pines and Oaks at Fontalba - Ulldemolins


3.00 km
50 m
1 h

Route in the area known as Les Obagues, at the foot of the cliffs of the same name that overlooks the whole area where the plain around Ulldemolins meets the Montsant massif. It goes from relatively flat places to approach the slopes that lead to the foot of the cliffs on the shady side of Montsant.

Flora route


Pines and oaks at Fontalba


Height difference: 50 m. From 690 to 740 m.

Starting point: Chapel of Santa Magdalena in the Obagues area near Ulldemolins. Return to the same place.

Time to allow: 1 h walking; stopping time must be added to this.

Length of the route: 3 km.

Recommendations: the route can be followed at any time of year, but especially in autumn, to appreciate the colours of the deciduous trees; times of day when the sun is high in summer are not recommended. Footwear suitable for walking on paths should be worn. Though the name Fontalba might suggest the contrary (it translates literally as Dawn Spring), it is not easy to find water on the route if the spring is not flowing plentifully, as the fact that it is channelled means the water is not available to walkers.

Route: From in front of the chapel, follow the path that sets out in front of you |1|. After passing the chain blocking the path, carry on walking |2|. After going over a small pass, a steep descent leads to a dry stream bed. When you come to a junction, take the path to the right. You will pass this way on the return journey. Soon after, ignore another path off to the right that leads to the Grau de la Cova del Corb, a way up the mountain. Walk across the Plana del Navarro |3|, now a wooded area. Carry on along the track, which changes direction, becomes narrower and goes slightly uphill. The tracks turns into a path |4|; on the left you can see the bottom of the watercourse. Keep going uphill and after a little while you will come to a spot with vegetation typically associated with water |5|. There are different constructions here to channel the water from the spring. When you get to the top cross over any obstacles the water might create when it is relatively plentiful.

Start going down the other side of the watercourse, following a track that soon leads to a small building. Just in front a path leads to the bottom of the watercourse. There' there is a water tank for farming purposes. Now follow the old channels that carried the water to the fields. The path takes you to a farm track leading to a cultivated field. After a while you come to the track between Albarca and the chapels of Ulldemolins. Soon after you come to a junction, where you should carry straight on. A gentle climb brings you over the shoulder just at the bottom of a line of rocks that form a small cliff. Soon after this you come to the path you took on the outward journey. Follow it back to the chapel where you started.