Serra Major


After a long family tradition of cultivating vineyards on both sides of the Montsant massif, familiar with the land and climate, in 2000 they began a study to restructure the old family vineyards. A special and at the same time unique microclimate was sought, one with features very different from the south face of the massif, seeking wines to express the authentic character of the land.

Sarroges is a plot near Ulldemolins, in the Priorat comarca or county. Very stony reddish slate ground 750 metres above sea level, between the Montsant massif and the Llena hills. This position gives it a unique microclimate in which the fruit ripens very slowly, and ideal conditions for wine-growing in balance with its surroundings.

So, having found a special place, in 2007 work began on the planned winery, small premises to meet the needs of the estate and equipped with the machinery and technology to make high-quality but affordable wine.

DO Montsant

Product types

Vi negre
Where to find the products?

- Sarroges (negre)
- Teix (negre)

· Direct sale at the Serra Major winery (Ulldemolins)




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