Granja Adzerias (Cal Xerrit)


We work according to a sustainable circular model, making sure everything we do is a link in a chain based on the common good: we seek harmony between land, animals and people.

As well as the livestock, we cultivate 80 hectares of land where we produce much of what we need to make feed for our animals: barley, wheat, peas and broad beans.

Without any herbicides, pesticides, transgenics, chemical fertilisers or insecticides. We prepare the feed on the farm, mixing the grain and preparing different formulas depending on the animals' stage of growth and needs.

We breed pigs of the Duroc breed, according to organic rules and fed with 100% organic feed. This is also made from cereals and pulses that are largely grown within our municipality.

Thanks to a crop rotation system, our certified organic plots conserve the fertility of their soil. We have the seal of the CCPAE (Catalan organic production council), the body responsible for supervision and monitoring.

We make compost with manure mixed with straw to produce an organic fertiliser which we use for our crops.

We follow the natural cycle with piglets, leaving them to be suckled by their mothers as long they need. They always have plenty of space with straw bedding and time out in the open air.

The diet, living conditions and breed of the animals on our farm yield a high-quality meat that is tasty, sweet and healthy.

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· Casa Porqueres (Cornudella de Montsant)
· Carnisseria Cansaladeria Prieto (Ulldemolins)


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