Donkeys of Montsant

Hikes in Cabacés, Serra de Montsant -Priorat- with Catalan donkeys.

We have different options to enjoy the calm and sensitivity of our donkeys, Truski, Mosquit and Estel.

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  • Living with donkeys, an hour with our donkeys, giving them their favorite treats, brushing them and capturing their nature. A didactic and relaxing experience, very nice for children aged 2 to 4, with parental supervision.
    50 € (family group 4 people). Extra person: 3-12 years old: 5 € / adults: 8 €
  • Short walk with donkeys, lasting two hours, adults carry the donkey's bridle and learn to communicate with the animal; the backpacks and children aged 4 to 10 (with helmet and parental supervision) ride on top of the xauma (traditional saddle).
    80 € (family group 4 people). Extra person: 3-12 years old: 8 € / adults: 10 €
  • Discovering Montsant at the donkey's rythm. Hiking excursions of half a day to 1 day, through olive trees and the western slope of the Serra de Montsant, visiting emblematic places like La Foia (hermitage and source), La Covassa (built great roof) or Les Coves Altes (high roofs). 
    Half day 120 € (family group 4 people). Extra person: 3-12 years old: 10 € / 15 €
    Full day 200 € (family group 4 people). 


Languages: English, French, Catalan, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese. 

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