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31.27 ha
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Ajuntament de Cabacés
C/ Major, 29
43373 Cabacés Tarragona

Phone number
(+34)977 839 109
(+34)977 839 227

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.


Tourist office

Montsant Natural Park information point (Seasonal opening times)
Puntarré, s/n



Cabacés is to be found in the North-eastern corner of the county, on a little hill between two ravines of Comes and Montsant river. Formerly the land belonged to the Barony of Cabacés.


Football pitch, sports area, municipal swimming pool, multi-purpose cultural meeting hall (cinema on Sunday afternoon), park, Museum of Cabacés Miquel Montagud, camping area Ermita de la Foia (hermitage), bakery, food store, and farm shop within the cooperative winery.



Throughout the year there are various festivities. On 3 February, Saint Blai, patron saint of the village and the main day of the Festa Major: visitors receive "Blaiets", there is a dance and other activities. On 25th April, for Saint Mark, there is a procession to the hermitage of Foia. Once at the hermitage, a bouquet of flowers and cakes are auctioned. Formerly, the boys tried to buy the bouquet which their fiancé had prepared. To finish off, everyone sings "Goigs de Sant Marc". At Easter time, the traditional cakes are also auctioned. In the evening there is a dance. The first Sunday of July sees the celebration of traditional Catalan dances in the school yard. This festivity coincides with the  Mare de Déu de les Neus Saints day on 5th August and there is another procession to the hermitage. Mass is celebrated and songs are sung followed by a communal meal for 400 people (paella). On 16th August, Saint Roc, there is another procession to the hermitage with childrens activities, dancing and singing.

Places to visit

The church is dedicated to the Virgin Mary (Nativitat de la Mare de Déu), There is an interesting Gothic altar screen dating from 14th century, created by Borrassà. Above the Montsant river, there is a medieval bridge with three spans. This is to be found at  4 km. from the village on T-702 heading towards La Bisbal de Falset. The Cavaloca bridge also dates back to medieval times, which is to be found half-way between Vilella Baixa and Cabacés.The hermitage of Foia is at the foot of the Montsant mountain range at 2.5km from the village. There is an area for camping, toilets and a picnic area. At 1 km from the village, in a great cave, there is the Hermitage of Sant Roc. Higher up there is another hermitage Sant Joan, with a little Baroque chapel dating from 18th century.

The Municipal Museum of Miquel Montagud exhibits works from the private museum "El Eco del Greco”, with reproductions of the artist El Greco and origina works by Miquel Montagud Borja (1897-1984). This painter dedicated great part of his life's work to this project and when he retired to Cabacés he continued painting and teaching young people from the village about art. 

Opening Hours:
Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays: 10:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.

1 + 6 January, Easter, Christmas

Tel.: (+34) 977 839 518 / 977 839 109

How to get there

By road Cabacés can be reached from Falset on the T-710 and the T-702. From Vinebre via the T-714 and the T-702 and from Margalef via the T-702.