Celler Malondro was set up in 2000 – a father´s dream to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather. His sons have kept the dream alive and it has inspired the 3rd generation to take on the dream as their own.

Each bottle of our wine is the result of the best product of the land, the wisdom of several generations of family tradition and training in the implementation of the industry’s latest technology. Vines are treated ecologically, following the practices our grandparents used, including vegetation covering to encourage the balance between the plant and the earth whilst respecting the local fauna and flora.

DO Montsant

Product types

Vi negre
Vi blanc
Productes ecològics
Where to find the products?

- Malondro (negre)
- Latria (negre)
- Patufet (negre)
- Xabec (blanc)
- Criptic (negre)
- Coelum (negre)
- Malondro (blanc)

· Direct sale at the Malondro winery (Cornudella de Montsant)




C/ Miranda, 27

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