Cooperativa de Cabacés

The Cabacés Cooperative is an olive oil mill founded in 1933 by the farmers of the village. Thanks to the efforts of the families, generation after generation the cooperative has been the economic and social engine of Cabacés. With 100 members and an annual production of 220,000 liters of oil, it is the second oil producer in the region.

Respecting the past, but with an eye towards the future, these past years the Cooperative has worked to ensure the best quality in its oils, which has won it several awards both nationally and internationally.

Family owned. Centennial olive trees. Respectful farming.

The essence of a village.



C/ del Mig, 47

621 147 891
977 839 112

Oils and characterization

Baronia de Cabacés, conventional farming and organic farming, arbequina olive variety. Extra virgin olive oil with medium fruitiness and well balanced in bitter, sweet and spicy. 

Fusió d’Aromes: Fusió d’Aromes Cupatge blends the arbequina variety with local varieties ‘rojal’ and ‘negreta’. Fusió d’Aromes Rojal it’s an extra virgin olive oil made of 100% rojal olive.