Margalef de Montsant

Margalef de Montsant

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Surface area
34.66 ha
379 m
Common term
Margalefans o margaletins


Ajuntament de Margalef de Montsant
Plaça de Sant Miquel, 15
43371 Margalef de Montsant Tarragona

Phone number
(+34) 977 819 167
(+34) 977 819 360

Opening hours:
Monday - Thursday: 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.
Friday: 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. and 4:00-6:00 p.m.

Tourist office


Information point of Parc Natural de la Serra de Montsant
Plaça Sant Miquel, s/n
Tel: (+34) 977 827 310

Opening hours:
temporary only



Margalef lies in the north-west of the county, on the right of the Montsant valley, which forms an impressive gorge between the Montsant and La Llena massifs, a continuation of that of Fraguerau.


Margalef has a swimming pool, sports ground, cultural centre, camping and leisure sites, a hostel-restaurant, different tourists accommodations, and mountain shelter.




The village is part of the DO Monstant wine-growing area, but also produces almonds, peaches and olive oil. Typical dishes include “cóc ràpid” (sponge cake), “coques” (flatbread), “escalivada” (roasted pepper and aubergine) and “truita amb suc” (omelette in sauce).


The main village festivity is held on 6th August at the chapel of Sant Salvador, outside the village. There is a procession to the chapel, a shared breakfast and a dance, featuring a traditional repertoire including the Ball del fanalet (a dance with candles) and the ball de rams (a dance with flowers). St. Michael's day is celebrated on 29th September.

Places to visit

The chapel of Sant Salvador is 3.5 km from the village, on the Montsant massif. It is a pleasant place which also has tables, barbecues and water.

Other places of interest include the 15th-century church of Sant Miquel Arcàngel (St. Michael the Archangel), the Margalef reservoir, the Mas de l’Aragonès farmhouse, the Racó dels Pèlics (going towards the Montsant) and the caves of La Taverna and El Miracle.

From Margalef there are footpaths and tracks leading up to different places on the Montsant, including the peaks of La Cogulla, and El Piló dels Senyalets, the Teix cave, the valley of El Clot del Cirer, among others.

How to get there

It can be reached by road from Falset on the T-710 (via Gratallops and La Vilella Baixa), then the T-702 (from Cabacés to La Bisbal de Falset) and then the T-713. From Les Garrigues on the C-242 and the T-713; from Flix (Ribera d’Ebre) on the T-703 (via La Palma d’Ebre), then the T-702 (to La Bisbal de Falset) and then the T-713.